Make Way for Pro-Life Feminism!

This year’s March for Life in Washington, D.C. was filled with drama in more ways than one.One was the story of the impending blizzard, the anxiety or whether the March would go on, and the saga of those stranded on the way home. Another dramatic change has gradually been taking place in the makeup of the March itself. It is growing increasingly young — and increasingly female.


Up until now, the major contingent of speakers has been religious activists and Republican members of Congress. There were small groups of secularists and even Feminists for Life, but not front and center.

A couple of years ago, the March gained a new, young director in Jeannie Monahan-Mancini, and now the new face of the pro-life movement is emerging onstage. The theme of  this year’s March was “Pro-Life and Pro-Woman Go Hand in Hand.”

marchforlife42Among the speakers, a standout was Sue Ellen Browder, formerly a writer for Cosmopolitan magazine. She later rejected secularism by converting to the Catholic Church and also rejected abortion, by becoming pro-life. But she remains a feminist. And she calls for a new pro-life feminism.

I haven’t yet read her book, Subverted: How the Sexual Revolution Hijacked the Women’s Movement, but I’m planning to very soon. I have heard her interviewed several times though, and her revelations are powerful. She speaks from an insider’s perspective about how the women’s movement for equal rights in education and work was completely separate from the idea of sexual license and abortion of the Cosmopolitan and Hugh Hefner era. (In fact, pro-life feminism’s roots go back to the 19th century with Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, both pro-life).

The two movements were joined, Browder says, at a 1967 meeting of the National Organization for Women (NOW), where a mere 57 members determined the vote to include abortion in their platform. A large number of dissenters walked out. Here is an interview with Browder; she sees a new pro-life feminism emerging in young women.

Here is a print interview with Catholic World Report.

Here is her testimony at the March for Life (starting at 3:50:00).

Pope Francis makes it Official: Women can be included in Footwashing Rite

(My apologies for being absent from blogging for so long. After operation on my arm, and a long stay in the hospital for a post-op infection, I am finally truly getting back to normal. Today I am celebrating being able to type with two hands again! More catching-up to follow).

Pope Francis has become famous (or to some, infamous) for his inclusion of women — even non-Catholics — in the Holy Thursday foot-washing rite. Now he has had the Congregation for Divine Worship issue a correction to the rubrics of the Holy Thursday Mass; he asks that those who participate in be rite be chosen “from among all the members of the People of God” (See this story).  He does not mention anything about non-Catholics being included.Francis-kiss-aids-patient

Naturally some traditionalists are gearing up to suggest that among “faithful Catholics” the whole rite should now be eliminated because of its ties to the priesthood, and that women should not be a part of it. (See Fr. Z’s blog). Except that it never had any such connotations, at least not officially (see my post here).

Typically, the traditionalists who were formally protesting that Pope Francis “should either obey the law or change it” are protesting once again — because he has changed the law. Go figure.

Announcing A Contest: The Pope John Paul I Association Indiegogo Campaign


Dear Friends of Pope John Paul I,

I have several pieces of good news. First, I want to let you know that our Indiegogo campaign is participating in #GivingTuesday tomorrow Dec 1. People everywhere are banding together to give to good causes, and Indiegogo and their companion site are listing us as one of those good causes. If you are referring us via social media on December 1, be sure and include the #GivingTuesday hashtag.

I’m also happy to announce that between December 1 and 15, we are having a contest to reward the person who brings the most visits to our campaign page through social media. The prize will be a like-new collectible copy of the original U.S. edition of Illustrissimi. We’ll announce the winner at the close of the campaign on December 16.

To count as a referrer, you must have contributed at least $5 to the campaign (so we will have your contact info if you win). Anyone who has contributed since the beginning of the campaign is eligible, though the counting of referrals only begins on December 1. Also you must promote our campaign with Indiegogo’s share tools while logged into your Indiegogo account. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for free. The share tools are located on the left of the campaign page. This makes it possible for us to track your referrals. So you have two weeks to make a difference!

Our new press release is almost ready to go. Here are some glimpses of the new revelations in the conference talks: An eyewitness, Fr. Joseph Curran, tells what really happened at the Vatican on the morning of September 29, 1978, including some unknown medical details on the possible cause of John Paul I’s death; the Pope’s niece, Pia Luciani, comments on his health and debunks the murder conspiracy theories; historian Lori Pieper uncovers then Bishop Luciani’s previously unsuspected role in the writing of Nosta Aetate, one of the most important documents of Vatican II; and Loris Serafini of the Fondazione Papa Luciani, working from the local archives in Canale D’Agordo, speaks about Fr. Antonio Della Lucia, parish priest in Canale from 1860 to 1898, who was a legendary exponent of socially conscious Catholicism, and was likely an early influence on Luciani’s thinking on Catholic social teaching.

These precious details about the Pope’s life are what your contributions are funding!

The press release should be out by tomorrow (Dec 1), and we will link to it on the campaign page.

Thanks for your support,

Lori Pieper


Pope John Paul I Campaign on Indiegogo


Dear supporters of Pope John Paul I,

I have to apologize — to followers of the campaign and my blog — for being silent for so long. I had anticipated a short overnight stay in the hospital on Oct 22, for an operation on my arm, but it turned into an almost two-week stay with serious complications from a post-op infection. I’m only just now getting back to normal. But you don’t want to hear about that, but about the campaign. I’ve asked Indiegogo for an extension; the campaign now lasts until Dec. 16.

I still plan to finish at least the first part of the new video on John Paul during the campaign. I’m also working on a new perk, which involves a giveaway of a collectible quality copy of Illustrissimi. I will announce the details in a couple of days.

I’m happy to see more activity on our Facebook page. I’ll also have more on how you can spread the word, and a new press release with exciting details about new revelations in the conference papers.

Don’t forget to sign the petition if you haven’t done so, since we must send it to the Pope before too long.

More soon,

Lori Pieper

(Sent to the campaign Nov, 18)