In Gratitude and Remembrance

Something really strange and different is going on – we are going through a transition in the papal office while the pope is still alive. It’s a really unusual feeling. The strangest aspect is that all the gratitude and remembrance and love we feel for a Pope at the end of his time won’t be given to the dead, but can be expressed, joyfully, to the living man. That’s strange in a really good way.

I want to keep up with the news as much as I can. This is really exciting because I didn’t have a blog yet during the last conclave, and this will be my first time blogging this kind of news. So, for right now, a few links:

Rocco, at Whispers in the Loggia, as always, has superb coverage. He has a complete series of audio /video streams of press conferences of American cardinals (and one Canadian) who give their appreciations of Pope Benedict and their ideas about the coming conclave: Cardinals, Dolan, O’Brien, Rigali, Wuerl, DiNardo, O’Malley and Collins, to be exact, along with the text of Cardinal Mahony’s comments.

The crew at the Ratzinger Forum has been busy collecting news stories and video and interspersing them with their own comment. It goes on for three pages, so keep clicking. The description and video of the monastery on Vatican grounds where Benedict will now live, is especially interesting (2nd page – p. 300).

The Anchoress always writes something moving; here she speculates about Benedict’s future role in the Church.

If you want to express your gratitude to the Pope, you can write your tribute here, or join Fr. Z’s Twitter project.

And if you want to vent your frustrations at the MSM coverage of the Pope’s resignation, go over to Get Religion, and watch them eviscerate the bad stories (and praise the good).

More updates tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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