Second Day – Smoke Watch – Habemus Papam!

Now waiting for second evening’s smoke signal, 1:30 p.m. (ET) here. 7:30 or so in Rome (I may even have gotten that wrong; I can’t tell if they’re on DST over there or not – In my exhaustion this morning, I confused the time of the election with the time the smoke would appear. correction it’s 6:30 Rome time). Everyone says if the smoke is white today, it means Cardinal Scola has been elected.

If not, they may be opening it up to other candidates. But surely someone who will carry on the “Ratzingerian” legacy in any case.

Keep refreshing because I am going to keep writing.

Still waiting at 1:45 (6:45 Rome time)

Most probably, the longer we go, the more probability the Pope has been elected, and the cardinals have forgotten about the stove in their excitement!

Still waiting at 2:00 (7 p.m. Rome time).

I recalled that John Paul I was elected at 6:05 p.m. and the smoke started around 7:28. That’s probably an average timeline. So we might have a while to wait.

WHITE SMOKE!! (2:07 p.m.) 7:07 Rome time.

They didn’t need more than 5 ballots.

Bells of St. Peter’s are ringing.

Pope Emeritus Benedict will be watching, and I’m sure will be pleased if it’s his great friend and protege Cardinal Scola.

Not clear how long a wait we’ll have before the announcement. Now 7:23 Rome time.

Enormous crowd, many under umbrellas. Wonder how hard it’s raining. I wonder if it’s cold. I’ve experienced some March nights in Rome and they can be warm — on one of them I was eating ice-cream!

The Swiss Guards are moving into place, as is the band who will play the papal anthem.

Can’t be long now — this is thrilling!

Army and navy contingents are there – the square and surrounding streets are packed.

Trumpeter playing what sounds like a fanfare. Oh, maybe not, people are singing.

People are going nuts cheering! Still waiting for the announcement. The rain has apparently stopped.

Will the Italians love it if they get the papacy back? Will they accept it if it’s an American or Canadian Pope?

Will the Pope be a Leo, a Gregory, maybe a Benedict?

Lights on in the central windows. It’s coming! Cardinal Tauran will make the announcement. It’s been over an hour since the white smoke.

Here they come . . . the curtains are moving. The door opens.

Bergoglio!!! His name is Francis!!!! WOW!!

He was rumored to be a frontrunner in 2005, but almost no one mentioned his name this time.

Jorje Bergoglio – The archbishop of Buenos Aires. A Jesuit. The first Jesuit Pope. The first Pope from Latin America.

The crowd didn’t know what to think at first — now they are roaring Francesco, Francesco, Francesco at the top of their lungs

Pope Francis the First! This is a real stunner, to say the least. Gotta look up his name and read more about him.

The new Pope is out, faster than I could imagine. He waves briefly. He is smiling, but just standing there. He’s talking. “Buona sera – you know that they elect a bishop of Rome, but it seems the brother cardinals have taken him from the other end of the earth.” I sort of missed the rest. He says the Our Father with the crowd. . . Now the Hail Mary. This is different. He seems humble and has a gentle voice. He really speaks good Italian. He’s actually of Italian parentage, born in Argentina, if I remember right. Now he’s really smiling.

He asks the people to pray for God to bless him first – really humble!

Now the blessing.

The crowd is roaring!

Wow. I had huge trouble with the browser and couldn’t type right for a while. I couldn’t type anything while it was going on. Now to gather more info.


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