Pope Paul’s Canonization on the Way

PaoloVIYesterday I read with great joy that the Congregation for the Causes of Saints has approved a miracle for Blessed Pope Paul VI, that will pave the way for his canonization, probably this fall. Not coincidentally, both miracles for this great Pope of life are of the safe delivery of children in medically dangerous pregnancies and the healing of their mothers. Here’s the article from the Catholic News Agency.

I don’t have time to publish much more right now. But it is a good time to provide some links to my earlier posts on “The Real Paul VI.”

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Part II – His Spirituality

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Part IV – Pope Paul and his Successor

I’ll have more as the time for his canonization approaches.



Pope Paul’s Canonization on the Way — 2 Comments

  1. Oh shut up about the stupid canonization process! It is totally unbiblical and you and all the rest of your ilk are totally lost and on your way to hell. It fills me with such fury that this nonsense keeps on going on. You are being just as duped as was each and every one of the victims of Bernie Madoff!
    Kindly do not look in my direction on Judgment Day and say I didn’t warn you.

  2. So I am lost and on my way to hell for following what the Church of Christ has followed through all time since the beginning by honoring those in heaven or seeking their intercession in prayer? On the contrary. It is also totally biblical.


    The Church has been honoring saints and martyrs since there have been Christians (long before there were any Protestants) and canonization is just a development of that.

    Note that Jesus also gave us many warnings about condemning others, especially fellow Christians (Mt 18:28), and about calling a brother (or sister) names (Mt 5:22). This kind of anger CAN lead you to hell.

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