The idea for the film arose around the time of the first celebrations for the eighth centenary of St. Elizabeth's birth.

Production began in Rome in February 2007, with a series of interviews with historians and Franciscan leaders who were attending the historical conference on St. Elizabeth, all shot on high definition video (HDV). Locations were at the convent of the Suore Francescane Angeline, the Antonianum (the Franciscan University), and the beautifl ancient Basilica of Sts. Cosmas and Damian, the headquarters of the Franciscan Third Order Regular (left).
The crew then went to the historic chapter of the Secular Franciscan Order, held Novemer 15-22, 2008 near Esztergom Hungary, the site of the Hungarian royal court of Elizabeth's father, King Andrew II. We shot the Mass and other closing ceremonies of the 2-year centenary in Esztergom, and also filmed inside the actual castle where Elizabeth lived as a child (above).
The historical recreations of Elizabeth's life were shot in November 2009 on high-definition video at the Hollywood Presbyterian Church, and on location in Waterman Canyon in the San Gabriel mountains just north of Los Angeles. This was undoubtedly the most thrilling part of the production, because Elizabeth's story really came to life before our eyes.
The next event to be filmed were the commemoration of the actual centenary of Elizabeth's birth in Assisi on November 16-17, 2007, beginning with a prayer service at the Portiuncula chapel, insde the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli on the evening of the 16th (below), followed by the Mass celebrated by the bishop of Assisi in the Basilica the next morning, then the concert by the Schola Hungarica at the Basilica of San Francesco in the evening.